August 21, 2012

How to Recover Like an Olympian — And Finally Understand Men at the Same Time

After finishing up a rousing weekend with of group of my childhood buddies at our annual reunion near the […]
June 9, 2012

NFL Head Injuries: Creating Recovery With Lessons From the Battlefield

Ten years ago, I had an opportunity to observe up close the high-profile life of NFL athletes. A friend […]
April 24, 2012

Regulating Pain Pills: How Do We Decide Who Gets What?

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” — Albert […]
February 9, 2012

Transforming Pain Relief: The First Steps

Last month, The New England Journal of Medicine published a call to action for a “cultural transformation in the […]
January 11, 2012

Overcome Your Fear and Conquer Your Pain

If you are reading this post, you are probably already well-versed in how chronic pain can interrupt your own […]
January 11, 2012

Conquering Fear Improves Pain Control

If you or a loved one is one of the estimated 116 million Americans with chronic pain, then you […]
December 8, 2011

The ‘Best Kept Secret’ to Understanding Your Health Risks

Pay a visit to a genetic expert and ask what the single most important piece of information is in […]
October 27, 2011

How to Prevent Pain at Work

Preventing pain in the workplace should be an essential part of fighting the rising prevalence of chronic pain in […]
October 4, 2011

What the Michael Jackson Trial Really Says About American Health

Imagine that you are not just wealthy but super rich and incredibly famous. You travel the world, know influential […]
September 30, 2011

A Different Normal

If you suffer from chronic pain, then you are now in the company of 116 million other Americans according […]
August 30, 2011

The Lesson We Can All Take Away From Chronic Pain

First off, I must disclose that I have never taken a business class, always reach for the sports page […]
August 17, 2011

Why Our Approach To Chronic Pain Is Flawed

If you peered over your child’s shoulder while they were doing their homework and saw that they were doing […]
November 23, 2010

Darvon and Darvocet Withdrawn

I imagine that by now many of you have heard the news that pain killers Darvon and Darvocet have […]
October 12, 2010

Feel Better

What does someone in pain really want? I think, deep down, they just want to feel better. That seems […]
August 30, 2010

Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia

Last week The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published a study that found tai chi to be an […]
August 10, 2010

Reward, Motivation, and Better Health, Part IV

My latest series of blogs this summer have focused on the neurotransmitter dopamine and its powerful effect on behavior […]
July 22, 2010

Reward, Motivation, and Better Health, Part III

As we continue to delve into our discussion about reward mechanisms and motivation, I thought I would bring up […]
June 14, 2010

Reward, Motivation, and Better Health, Part II

If you recall, I last suggested that we tap into the motivation and reward mechanisms of the brain as […]
June 1, 2010

Reward, Motivation, and Better Health, Part I

My next series of blog posts will look at how the motivation and reward mechanisms of the brain work […]
May 24, 2010

Painful Facts

I am working on a presentation analyzing cost in pain treatment that I will be giving in Las Vegas, […]
May 17, 2010

Get Your Cherries!

Last week I saw this season’s first batch of ripe cherries at my local farmer’s market. In northern California, […]
May 3, 2010

The Momentum of Obesity

“A woman can’t be too rich or too thin” -Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor This week I came across […]
April 26, 2010

Where Does Marijuana Fit In?

Last Saturday finally provided me with a sunny morning without rain or early morning commitments so I used it […]
April 19, 2010

You’re only as Young as Your Back

Last week we looked at a recent JAMA article that showed an unnecessary, costlier, and riskier trend in spine […]
April 15, 2010

No Health, No Wealth

Who is regulating health care, anyway? In Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain I discussed how profitable treating pain […]
April 5, 2010

With Gratitude

I remember coming across the phrase “The attitude of gratitude” in Rhonda Byrne’s hugely successful book and DVD The […]
March 29, 2010

Prefrontal Cortex

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing a book signing at a bookstore that is only a few […]
March 22, 2010

One Fine Saturday

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing a book signing at a bookstore that is only a few […]
March 15, 2010

A New Risk to Add to the List

Last week the American Journal of Medicine published research suggesting that the regular use of over-the-counter (OTC) pain killers, […]
March 8, 2010

Health Care Reform Starts at Home

Many pundits and economists believe that our economy is starting to show the early stages of bouncing back. We […]