Everyday Pain Relief

Now Available on Breethe

Every Day Pain Relief is a transformative ten-part series designed to help you develop your own best program to conquer pain and live your best life. It is currently available on the Apple iOS operating system through the popular meditation app, Breethe. The first step is to download Breethe.com at the Apple Store. Then type in “Abaci” in the search box, and it will take you to the series.

Here is an outline of the ten-part series:

  • “Release Pain” Parts I and II introduces many of the fundamental traits of an effective pain management strategy, including how to use the breath to relieve pain in the body and how to harness the healing power of the mind-body connection.
  • “Managing Flare-Ups” is an empowering approach to develop tools that can effectively overcome bad pain episodes and minimize their impact on daily activities.
  • “Cooling Down the Burn” provides education and training on ways of calming down different types of nerve pain while improving the health and vitality of the nervous system.
  • “The Body Scan” is a form of mindfulness-based meditation designed to help develop a greater awareness of the physical body, diminish the pain experience, and cultivate self-compassion.
  • “Creating a Winning Mindset” focuses on changing certain key harmful thought patterns and adopting a more healing mindset to diminish the impact of pain.
  • “Feed Your Relief” takes advantage of emerging research on the gut-brain connection and anti-inflammatory foods to help develop a more mindful nutrition approach for better pain relief.
  • “Re-Charge: Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep” imparts numerous helpful sleep hygiene tools for one of the most important and challenging problems related to pain – sleeplessness.
  • “More Movement, Less Pain” dives into one of the most difficult and poorly understood aspects of pain treatment – exercise- by furnishing proven strategies to help the body get more active while hurting less.
  • “Relieving Low Back Pain” tackles the most common cause of both pain and disability in our society with a simple winning strategy to reduce the pain and suffering associated with low back