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The Bay Area Pain and Wellness
Center is a nationally recognized
center of comprehensive
interdisciplinary care.
For over 15 years, Dr. Abaci
has helped create innovative
strategies for treating pain
and creating wellness. This is
where true healing takes
place- mind, body, and soul.

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September 2013

Hágase Cargo De Su Dolor Crónico:
Lo Último en Investigaciones,
Herramientas Innovadoras, y
Tratamientos Alternativos
para Sentirse Mejor


About Dr. Peter Abaci

About Dr. Peter Abaci

I don’t think anybody grows up saying ‘I want to be a pain doctor.’ I doubt many go to medical school with the goal of spending their careers sitting in front of people each day who suffer from chronic pain. Yet, somehow, I wandered upon that journey, presumably willfully. Why would I do that? Sometimes I wonder that myself.

Peter Abaci, MD P eter Abaci, MD, is certified in anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. He serves as the Medical Director of the nationally recognized Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center, located in Los Gatos, California, which he cofounded with Dr. John Massey. Dr. Abaci received his bachelor’s degree and graduated magna cum laude from UC San Diego, attended medical school at the University of Southern California, and performed his specialty training in pain management at UC San Francisco. A widely respected expert on chronic pain management and a highly successful chronic pain sufferer, he is the author of Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain: The Latest Research, Cutting-Edge Tools, and Alternative Treatments for Feeling Better. Dr. Abaci also serves as an expert and weekly contributor for the Chronic Pain Community on WebMD. Dr. Abaci began his quest to radically change conventional chronic pain thinking and treatment after dealing with the agony of his second anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. His mission is to help transform the way medicine treats pain and to restore hope for healing and optimum long-term health. Dr. Abaci focuses on developing alternative solutions to treating chronic pain by drawing on neuroscience research, evidence-based medicine, ancient healing remedies, stress management techniques, nutrition principles, exercise programs, art therapy, and real-life lessons.

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Hágase Cargo De Su Dolor Crónico: Lo Último en Investigaciones, Herramientas Innovadoras, y Tratamientos Alternativos para Sentirse Mejor chronic-pain-book-spanish-home En Hágase Cargo De Su Dolor Crónico: Lo Último en Investigaciones, Herramientas Innovadoras, y Tratamientos Alternativos para Sentirse Mejor (Septiembre 2013; ISBN: 978-0-9881846-4-0; Cambio Encuadernacion con cubierta de papel original, $16.95). director médico y autor Doctor Peter Abaci permite todas aquellas personas afectadas por el dolor crónico—alrededor de 116 millones de estadounidenses y de sus seres queridos—en lo que si funciona para este problema médico grave y sistemáticamente mal tratado. No, él no ha descubierto la fórmula mágica para hacer que desaparezca el dolor. Basado en lo que el ha aprendido sobre la ciencia del cerebro, estudios clínicos revolucionarios, sus pacientes, y experiencia propia, Dr. Abaci revela como efectivamente manejar el dolor crónico no tan solo en el origen…READ MORE




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When It Hurts to Be Touched
Our sense of touch is one of our most basic and fundamental aspects of the human experience. We use our ability to feel as an integral tool to discriminate and better understand our environment, almost without thinking about it, because we do it all day long. Likewise, being touched by others is a critical part of human communication, whether it is through a handshake, a hug, or a pat on the back. Human contact can be considered a key component of positive communication, and it can boost a sense of general well-being. Unfortunately, living with chronic pain can interfere with your ability to touch, feel, hold, or be held by others. One of the most challenging examples of this occurs when we develop extreme sensitivities to touch from things that aren't usually painful. The medical term for this is allodynia and it means that something is painful from a non-painful stimulus. Imagine lightly brushing the back of your hand with a cotton ball. That should not hurt in the least, but now suppose doing so is all of a sudden associated with the feeling of intense pain in the hand. That would be an example of allodynia. Having....... Read More

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